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Stop acrobat from updating

It is responsible for the Adobe related entries in the context menu.The biggest problem of all is that right clicking is much slower, because Acro must be first started.On OS X, Acrobat Pro X and Reader 10 became distributable in the standard Apple pkg format, and this was generally a huge improvement for the deployment and update process.Acrobat Pro 9 currently requires Things are much better now, but configuring a common setting such as disabling update checks for all users has remained unnecessarily complicated, for despite Adobe using a property list to store these parameters, they were per-user only, requiring these to be managed either using MCX/Profiles or a manual script to apply the appropriate preference in every user’s Library folder (ie. Adobe has alluded to built-in functionality for disabling updates in Pro X in the past, so we’ll summarize what’s been presented to date: Adobe Provisioning Tool The Adobe Provisioning Tool would have you believe, going by its usage statement, that there is a binary on OS X.And in fact, it does seem to be using the same Feature Lock Down subsystem to disable the plugin, except it’s writing the It’s documented to work as of 10.1.1, but it only works as of version 10.1.4 of Acrobat and Reader.Adobe was pretty responsive in fixing the broken functionality once it was reported. Push a simple-enough plist to a system location or manage the preference as you would most others that work with the defaults system.Because Adobe so rarely follows system conventions in these implementations, I didn’t feel like could easily gloss over an error and assume the writer meant to write something else.Option 15.6.2: Set the update mode to manual “The update mode is set on a per user basis as follows: (…)” We can skip this – this is what we’re already having to do, set per-user preferences with MCX, a Profile or script.

Don’t launch some program right after boot and have it take over my Mac! I went through the previous options just as a demonstration of how Adobe manages to, in duplicating their own efforts in software implementations, effectively duplicate efforts by many orders of magnitude across IT organizations worldwide, who simply need to deploy a common application without resorting to scripted hacks and workarounds to manage very trivial behaviour.It’s great that Acrobat Pro X and Reader are getting easier to deploy and configure on OS X, but it’s been a long road getting there.You might also come across the topic of updates in the Enterprise Administration Guide for Acrobat, and see a few options there (Section 15.6, page 139).We’ll examine these in reverse order, because up until recently this would have been my order of preference (given that the first option was broken until very recently.) Option 15.6.3: Remove the Updater plugin itself This option is looking pretty good at this point, which is to remove the Updater plugin entirely to prevent it from checking for updates.

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