Updating a dataview

Updating a dataview

What we need to do, is to store the ids of items that were selected, and to update the selection on the grid any time the Data View is modified.Luckily, there is a helper method on the Data View that can take care of that: method on the Data View to do a fast lexicographic search that is especially handy for older versions of IE.Ok, let's reiterate - Data View takes in a data array as an input, manipulates it, and presents the results to the grid by acting as a data provider, i.e. In handling grid events, it's important to always keep in mind that the row indexes the grid refers to are, in fact, the indexes into the output of the Data View! Since each item has a unique id, they are often used to keep track of ids/items/rows/indices and to map one to another.These methods are exposed by the Data View as part of the data provider interface: One of the most common questions about Data View is how to synchronize the selection or cell CSS styles state on Data View changes. If they then change the filter on the Data View to hide some items, the grid gets a call to invalidate all changed rows, including the selected one, but it doesn't know that the item that was displayed there has moved somewhere else.For example, if you make Data View group data, it makes the grid think that the "group" rows are just regular data items, so the grid doesn't need to be aware of them.Data View tells the grid that those items have a custom display and behavior and provides implementations of both.Note that a new row is not actually added to the underlying Data Table until the End Edit method of the Data Row View is called.If the Cancel Edit method of the Data Row View is called, the new row is discarded.

First of all you create a table in a SQL Server Database. Using a Data View, you can expose the data in a table with different sort orders, and you can filter the data by row state or based on a filter expression.Since Data View can't automatically detect when you're changing the data, you'll need to make these updates via the Data View.These updates will be applied directly to the original Each one of these updates will fire change events and the grid will get updated automatically.If Allow Delete is false, an exception is thrown if you call the Delete method of the Data View or Data Row View. Allow Delete = False Dim new DRV As Data Row View = cust View. Allow Delete = false; Data Row View new DRV = cust View.The following code example disables using the Data View to delete rows and adds a new row to the underlying table using the Data View. Tables("Customers") Dim cust View As Data View = cust Table. Add New() new DRV("Customer ID") = "ABCDE" new DRV("Company Name") = "ABC Products" new DRV. Tables["Customers"]; Data View cust View = cust Table. Add New(); new DRV["Customer ID"] = "ABCDE"; new DRV["Company Name"] = "ABC Products"; new DRV.

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Note also that you can edit only one Data Row View at a time.

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