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'Thanks,' she said and was grinding my cock in return.

After a while in the rhythm, I put my hands behind her, opened the hooks and slid her bra off in few swift motions and she was left topless and I had proper access to her tits for the first time that night. As we were living on our own in our apartment, I asked her to try to be a bit free.

I knew I had to wait for the day when I would be able to enjoy her naked tits. But I still took it slowly and judging from the expressions of pain from her face, did not have the heart to go at the normal speed.

So after a while I put my hands inside her kameez and opened the knot of her pant bottoms and without any resistance pulled the bottom downwards, she was already horny by that time and herself had help me pull her panties down, after I took her hand and put it on my pajama covered cock and while still holding onto her hand made her open my pajama and take out my cock, I held the hands so she would not leave the grip. So when I cummed and took my cock out, I saw blood on the condom.

The first time it was painful for her as she was a virgin.

So the next day, I had to take it slow to not as to cause her discomfort.

I, once living a very westernized lifestyle in Australia, took a very liberal outlook on life.

I was okay-ishly fit, 72 Kilograms, worked out regularly and was about 5 feet 11 inches, considered tall in Bengali standards.

She mildly protested, but paid not head and put my cock in her.

'You look beautiful like that,' I told her as I fucking her.

The last and only girl I dated was a Bengali student that lived in Australia, she was one of those girls who was glad to have left Bangaldesh and live in Melbourne were she could dress, eat, drink and live the way she wanted, the freedom girls yearn for.

She would wear all sorts of western clothes, shorts, skirts, leggings, hot pants, tube tops, dresses, shirts, tank tops, you name it. I was also lucky to be one of those Bengali guys that had received a blowjob from a partner, comparing to my friends who never had that opportunity.

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He met Sahana and instantly liked her and she liked him as well, hosting him at our house quite often.

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