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Talking Trini: Trinbagonians have their own language, one of the most fascinating languages on earth. The rear end, what you sit on Bamsee-hole…hole Bam-se Lambe….. A group of Carnival masqueraders with costumes designed on a related theme. Confusion associated with arguments, gossip and slander Coonoomoonoo…..(Cunumunu) Idiot, stupid person Cosquel ….. a girl with excessive makeup Crapo…..(Crapaud) Frog The most detested reptile on the island. Silly, stupid, foolish and dumb Doubles…..a popular East Indian fast food made from curried chickpeas and bara (fried dough) Usually served with chutney on top. Mixture of East Indians and African parentage Dred…..friend (see also hoss, padna); cool e.g. Trini is not “slang” or a “dialect” or “broken English”, those are Eurocentric terms used to put down the languages created by non-Europeans. A band can have 4,000-7,000 people divided into 25 or more sections, each with it’s own theme and several music trucks. Carnival Tuesday will see about 20 large bands go across the savannah stage and parade in the streets in competition. The act of throwing back one’s head while holding a drink at one’s mouth so as to finish it in a single attempt Bawlin’ (Bawling)….. A state of dizziness or confusion, typically caused by members of the opposite sex Bee Wee…..(BWIA) British West Indian Airways, the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago now Caribbean Airlines (since Jan 1st,2007) after 66 years in the air as BWEE with a flawless accident record. Stubborn person One time…..right now, immediately e.g. Pot hound / pot hong…..a mixed dog; sometimes used as an insult e.g. Which “English” language is “proper” should depend on when and where you were born and to whom you are speaking. OR To fall asleep while traveling OR The action of hitting the glass, seat or person next to your during sleep while travelling Bobolee …… But wait a minute, now hold on/it Buh aye aye……But wait a minute, now hold on/it Bull …. The Queen’s “English”, Cockney “English”, Belfast “English”, Brooklyn “English”, Shakespearian “English”, Ebonic “English”, Mississippi “English”, Australian “English” and Trini “English”, to name a few, all have distinct vocabulary and syntax. A stupid person Bobolize….bully someone Boll'face….. another word for sexual intercourse Buller or bullerman… Many Spanish place names have been Africanized: Diego Martin = Dego Martin, La Brea = La Brey, Sangre Grande = Sandy Grandy, San Juan = Sawa.“A”Accra…..(Ah Crh) A fried batter of salt fish & Flour Ah….. Costume bands in street Carnival, steelband competitions, Calypso contests, parties, dances and Kiddie Carnival all come together for Carnival.

A type of Carnival devil costume; jabs people with his fork and demands money from passersby. To stab at anything Joo-vay…..(Jouvay, Jour Ouvert, J'Ouvert) “Opening of Day” in French, Carnival Mas beginning before dawn on Carnival Monday wearing costumes of mud, old clothes (Ole Mas), devil costumes or satirical themes. To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship Faddah….. The state of being frustrated, tired or bored Fella…..a fellow, a boy, a guy e.g. Free style singing of extemporaneous calypso songs“F”Fall out….. Film - Movie as in “Meh fav'rite flim star Clint Eastwood; he a ral badjohn in trut, y'know! Trini syntax Left “Me eh see she again, she leave de fete long time! A person who is envious of the possessions of others Look nuh! Stilt dancers, an African tradition carried over to Trini carnival Their costumes represent jumbies, or spirits, of African mythology, in Haiti the word jumbie was corrupted to zombie Mooma…..

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Home made, illegal, alcoholic beverage (mountain dew, moonshine) which in Trinidad can be made of just about anything organic. Scandal, heavy quarreling, big party, confusion Back Back….. You may have heard the old Calypso; “Hush your mouth, go away, Mama look a Boo Boo dey! (Dimarche Gras) The major show on Carnival Sunday night.

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