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If you grip it very tightly, it pops right out of your hand.I imagined all the things that we’d have in common and all the sparkling conversations we’d have. I wanted a date with him so badly (or I The second way of making sense of the Buddha’s quote is that we can only be deeply affected by loss when we are clinging on too tightly to something. But if you cling to the idea that the stone was lucky, you might feel really terrible that you lost it.

Plus our hero and heroine don't actually even connect until almost 50% into the book so even though you know it's coming, you keep thinking "When? And then Tilly was a dork and I couldn't help but laugh again. For a novel that features some pretty dark subject matter (rape, murder, sex slavery, to name a few.) the book itself didn't feel dark or heavy because there is a lot of comic relief.

Most of that comes in the form of Tilly's best friend, Quinn.

I think Quinn might be featured in book 3 and if so, I CAN'T WAIT because I loved her.

As time went on, I grew to appreciate that these covers meant that more people were buying and reading my books.

I realized that I didn’t care about being high-brow.

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A man whose perfect crime has now been foiled because of chance. I absolutly loved the first one in the series and couldn't wait to read more about these hot CEP guys. and let me tell you, Oz totally lived up to the hype. Interested to read the next book about Gunner and Quinn. Even though I wasn't in love with the first CEP novel, Being Chased, I was still pretty excited to get to the 2nd, Unbreakable Hearts.

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