Process for reviewing and updating job descriptions

As cumbersome as it can be, writing job descriptions is one of the most critical parts of the recruitment and hiring process and should be treated accordingly.For most, if not all of your applicants, the job description is the first thing they see that introduces them to your company and the position itself.Then keep those descriptions updated whenever the duties change." Inaccurate, outdated or incomplete job descriptions can lead to confusion about responsibilities—and potential legal trouble. Do you regularly review job descriptions and update them to reflect changes in employee responsibilities? Do you provide employees with written copies of their job descriptions? Does the job title still reflect the position’s responsibilities? Are job titles consistent throughout the organization? Does the job description include appropriate qualifications for the position? Does the job description accurately reflect the requirements of the job? Are job functions and performance standards presented in clear, easily understood terms? Are job descriptions free of references to age, race, gender, religion, disability or any other “protected” characteristic?Here’s a 10-question audit of your job descriptions: 1. For each position, ask the following questions about the job description: 4. Duello took and requested one of two accommodations: either more leave or a transfer to a job with no driving. It reasoned that Duello couldn’t perform any of the essential functions listed in his job description without a license and, therefore, wasn’t qualified for his position. Begin with action verbs in the present tense, such as supervise, inspect, produce, organize, motivate, educate, administer, compose, analyze and repair.Avoid gender-based language, such as “salesman.” Identify essential functions that are critical to the job’s successful performance.

Even if the nature of the job doesn’t change whatsoever, whenever there are adjustments to a company’s pay or benefits structures, the old information on the job description needs to be updated.If it hasn’t been updated in some time, there might be areas where the language could be improved to help those who would be poor performers self-select out of the process.Barring this, if the poor Qo H circumstance continues on for a significant period of time, taking a deeper dive into the prerequisites and qualifications needed to perform the job could be needed.For the more ambiguous concepts like sustainability, adding language to the job description about how your company is focused on these and other similar endeavors can lead to increased applications from like-minded candidates.Job descriptions are often a company’s only chance at a first impression.

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Without a job description, the court may decide for itself which functions are essential.

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