Astronomical dating vedas dating a paranoid schizophrenic

Astronomical dating vedas

These Sanskrit words have today silently formed a vast majority of the Original English Language! And then I explained to him the Sanskrit source of various English words and he was quite surprised – not because he didnt knew it all these days, but because he had failed to recognize the obvious phoenetic connection that existed between words in his Indian language (which is again derived from Sanskrit) and similar sounding words with similar meaning in English!So I thought I better pen down a list of all such English words derived indirectly from the ancient Sanskrit.Here we are with the transit of science half accomplished, and all our Vedic ideas in process of readjustment to the theories of force correlation, natural selection, atomic polarity and evolution.And here, to mock our conceit, our apprehension, and our despair, we may read what (1865-1936) the well known scholar, Advocate-General of Bengal and sometime Legal Member of the Government of India.Simply put there is NO PROOF about the existence of this language. So then what is the basis of having introduced this language in the language tree in the first place - a language which will remain invisible forever?Might be a guess, Max Muller used to guess a lot like this about the vedas, which he then retreated later.They could have written it down, but writings could be destroyed. Today, the Avesta, religious scripture of ancient Iranians, only a fraction of it is available. The end of each kalpa brought about by Shiva's dance is also the beginning of the next. They came closest to modern ideas of atomism, quantum physics, and other current theories.

Indians will be quick enough to recognize these words in their own language since most Indian languages have also originated from Sanskrit and even the other languages have a great deal of Sanskrit influence on them.

Though all other religions have forgotten their Vedic root or have been forgotten, there is one religion, Hinduism, that has kept the flame of the Vedic wisdom burning continuously.

Vedas which means ' knowledge' contain a good deal of scientific knowledge that was lost over millennia, which needs to be recovered.

There is no inscription found anywhere in the world written in the so called PIE. Nobody knows who spoke it or in which part of the world was it spoken.

No known ancient culture in the world talks about such a language being the root of the language they spoke. A language if spoken will definitely contain words referring to everything that the people who spoke it could identify, yet here is a language which doesnt even have a name referring to itself!

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Be it Greek Latin English Hindi Lithuanian – Sanskrit is the mother of all Languages.

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