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Live girl chat without login and paid

I typically don't even pay much either if anything. They all do, just be firm, be a man, and don't give a fuck about them, they will do what you want if you be honest and straightforward.They are used to being lied to, so don't do this, be open about the other girls your seeing and sleeping with if you lie once, they will lie 3 times.Manipulating a thai girl is easy if you know what to do.Sponsorship typically goes for a one year contract, but you need to give 3 month terms.This is ridiculous, the average Thai wage is 6,000-8,000 baht per month so why someone would need that much is beyond me.

Usually you can get away with sponsoring a Thai university girl for less than 10,000 per month, i typically wouldn't pay more than 6,000 and that includes rent, any more than that and your asking for trouble.Don't worry about them running off with the deposit, most girls are smart enough to know that it won't get them that far anyway, you want 3 month terms so you can bargain for more rights and extras. For those who really don't give a shit and love the playboy lifestyle this is what you want to read.I've had 2 even 3 girls at the same time all know each other, they even go shopping and eat together, some have even splept together and lived together and when i show up it's party on! Don't hold back, explain exactly what you want, and if she say's no, don't worry, sponsor her then hold it over her head and she'll do it. A sponsor is typically an older gentleman (though not always the case) who trades money or gifts for the ongoing company of a Thai woman / girl.Usually the company entitles sex but doesn't have to be.

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If a Thai girl starts talking about some farang guy she met down at 7 eleven and she seems overly happy about it, yeah she did something wrong.

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