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Biblical dating

The most important king of the 12th Dynasty was Sesostris III (1878–1843 BC).He renewed the efforts to conquer Nubia, and was successful. Sesostris III also instituted great administrative reforms. These officials had been a thorn in the side of the Pharaohs all through the 12th Dynasty.It is also assumed that, since Joseph eventually rose to a high position in the Egyptian court, the king must have been a fellow countryman of Joseph’s.If we allow for a sojourn of some 400 years in Egypt by the Israelites, and if we accept the so-called Late Date of the Exodus (in the middle 1200’s BC), a date for Joseph around 1650 BC would be perfect.C.) and the Second Intermediate Period (1786-1570 B. However, before narrowing down our dates for Joseph any more, let us first survey these two periods.

The first is that they entered Egypt by means of a massive military invasion led by chariots.

This enabled an ever-expanding infiltration of Asiatics to enter Egypt’s delta region.

Eventually these Asiatics were able to seize control of northern Egypt, thus ending the Middle Kingdom period of Egyptian history.

Mainline contemporary scholarship and the Bible’s own chronology are in accord in dating Joseph sometime between 20 BC.

This time frame includes two important periods of Egypt’s history, the Middle Kingdom (2000-1786 B.

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The country was unified and prosperous, and was in the process of conquering Nubia, located in what is today the Sudan. The eight Pharaohs of this period comprise Egypt’s 12th Dynasty.

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