When mistakes are made, there is copious swearing and blaming and shaming and yelling, and the guild leader is nonresponsive to questions and openly (and unecessarily, I feel) disparaging. Community is something I value highly, and I mentioned so in my app. Well, I am on an odd schedule currently, and I can't make the raid times of those guilds that are recruiting my class. Secondly, I am aware that I don't look very palatable to other guilds at present.

The ones whose raids I can make are fewer and not recruiting my class. I will look a great deal better with a little luck in trinket and weapon drops, and with my legendary cape.

When I try and chime in, there is total silence, and I don't feel very accepted.

This could be related to the fact that the guild look down on me for my performance despite having passed my trial (their roster is a tad sparse).

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I know I'm repeating myself, but I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel that you should leave. Drama Mama Lisa: 's premise is the eternal climb to increase your personal power and progress in strength.

However, it's not much of a game if the process itself is un-fun. Un-fun-ness is like a big puddle of bad in a raid encounter -- get out of the un-fun so you keep DPSing.

The end result is, that even though logs have proven me a competitve player in the past when abreast of the gear curve, I am lacking in that department currently. I think this is something you can't honestly get the feel of until one actually spends time raiding with the guild.

For the record, I almost never die in fire or to mechanics. This 25m guild rarely does things together outside of raids, and when they do chat, it's about topics that I cannot identify with (lolsex, lolbeer, lolsports).


The question then becomes: given all of the above, should I stick it out until I get some better gear to be able to switch guilds, or leave and save myself a headache and continue doing flex and LFR for trinkets/weapons/runestones - and reapply to another guild when I finish my cloak?

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