Dating navy men up dating passports

Dating navy men

However, until Alldred was convicted in Arizona this fall, he’s never been charged for the scams women say he perpetrated on them. I really don’t,” said Joann.“He shouldn’t be in mainstream society,” Missi argued.Law enforcement officials admit credit card fraud can be tricky to prosecute, in part because according to the law, the true victim is the credit card company.According to Phoenix Police, he met a woman online, told her he was Richard Peterson and then pawned some of her jewelry. She says she met Alldred on a dating website in 2014.JOANNJoann from Brooklyn Park’s story plays out in a strikingly similar manner to Linda’s. This time, however, he told her he was a lawyer named “Derek Allarad”, a slightly different spelling. The Minnesota Bar has no record of any such person.“Being conned and lied to daily, about things like God and church and family is just heartbreaking,” she said. And then knowing I believed it.”Joann helped Ramsey County authorities track Alldred down. Paul Hotel case, he was never charged with allegedly opening a credit card in her name. It turns out Derek Alldred has a long history in the criminal justice system.

In his wake, women say they are left with empty promises and wallets.

Missi says Rich was always on the phone and always had someplace else he needed to be. One day when he was in the shower, she says he left his wallet on her dresser.“I opened up his wallet and the first thing I see is a social security card that said Derek Mylan Alldred and I was like, 'oh my gosh,'” she said. She realized she’d been dating Derek Alldred, a convicted felon, not Richard Peterson the war hero. She had recently gotten notices for bounced checks that she says she didn’t write.

Missi reached out to the other woman on Facebook.“I just needed her to understand that he was being a fraud,” Missi said. She tells KARE11 that “Richard” had told her he worked as a financial planner in the 1990s.

She still has a business card from Derek Allarad and says he handed them out everywhere. I would call the secretary and actually physically talked to somebody. The man she was dating told her he was a devout Christian, took her to church and even talked about marriage.

Joann described how he even created characters in his fake life to make it more convincing. It all unraveled on a trip to Hawaii, allegedly to meet his daughter. The man she thought she might marry had a warrant out for his arrest.

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In a police report, that woman’s father told police Alldred was a “con man” who “had caused her to lose thousands of dollars” and “destroyed her business.”KARE 11 also spoke with a woman named Cindi, a tech professional in San Francisco.

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