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Napoleon has killed war by exaggerating it: our Algerian war is merely an experimental training ground created for our soldiers.

Among the dead, on the field of Wagram, Napoleon showed the impassibility that both belonged to him and that he affected when he appeared before others; he spoke coldly or more often he repeated his habitual phrase in such circumstances: ' This is a mighty consummation!

Towards the end of his career he also ordered artillery charges and took redoubts with cavalry. In leading France into war, Europe was taught how to march: it was no more than a question of increasing the means; masses counter-balanced masses.

Instead of a hundred thousand men, six hundred thousand were employed; instead of a hundred cannon, five hundred were used: there is no increase in skill; it is merely on a larger scale.

Nine hundred mouths of bronze roar; the plain and the cornfields are in flames; whole villages vanish; the action lasts twelve hours.

The Austrians, complaining of the violation of previous treaties, all at once crossed the River Inn at Braunau: they have been reproached for their tardiness, they wanted to do a Napoleon; but speed was not their style.

Happy to have left Spain, Bonaparte hastened to Bavaria; he set himself at the head of the Bavarians without waiting for the French: any soldiers would do for him.

In my youth, people read commentaries by Folard and Guischardt, Tempelhof and Lloyd, on Frederick II's campaigns; they studied ordre profond and ordre mince; on my second-lieutenant's desk I manoeuvred plenty of little squares, of wood.

Military science changed like everything else as a result of the Revolution; Bonaparte invented war on a grand scale, the victories of the Republic having furnished him with the idea through their mass requisitions.

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In one charge alone, Lauriston trots towards the enemy at the head of a hundred cannon.

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