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Mature neopho

Some people are bigger risk-takers than others, and there is no crime in preferring a comfortable routine.More serious neophobia is a true phobia that can become life-limiting.Neophobia may be related to the twin fears of success and failure.To truly succeed or fail, it is necessary to take a risk.Again, just feeling comfortable in your own surroundings or in a daily routine and being somewhat reluctant to change, doesn't mean you suffer from neophobia.

No exaggeration here: this kid went through months of occupational therapy for “poor oral motor coordination,” or whatever they called it, because we all thought she eat. Mind you, she would eat three square meals a day – or five, or seven - if only each meal were heaps of mac and cheese, or chicken strips with French fries and ketchup, followed by a bowl full of Dippin’ Dots.Likewise, many elderly people develop mild neophobia.As the effects of aging catch up to us, we may begin to feel like our days of adventure are over, preferring to remain in comfortable, familiar surroundings.By the time she arrived, nearly five years after child #1, we were card-carrying CSA members. We were locavores, true believers in living soil and leafy greens and small-is-beautiful. Make no mistake: that light was shining brightly on green fields growing in organic soil, pastured animals frolicking in the distance.Rocking child #2 during her infancy, I didn’t have a doubt that this was the kid who would embrace the rainbow on her plate, would grow up noshing on raw chard and heirloom tomatoes.

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