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As Azalea’s fame has grown, she has faced a growing wave of criticism – although up to now from hip hop artists – who have accused her of stealing from their culture and repackaging it for the mainstream.

The victims thinks she's helping out, but she doesn't realize she might be aiding and abetting a crime.I've been talking to a soldier says he's overseas in Turkey. He says he works as an engineer for oil drilling company.Wants me to send him money using only WU/MG but wants me to send it to Ukraine cuz he says it's to dangerous for him to pick it up where he is. But he sent me pics ID email etc so why send money elsewhere? His name is Andres, from France, widowed, daughter lives in England. Hello ive been talking to this guys his name is mark and he added me to his instagram but soon he asked for my email address he says he is a widowed he claims to be from washington but he was supposedly working for apple company but suddenly he get a contract to Istanbul for oil drilling he says he has a daughter 6 year old and he has send me pics ohim with her everything was great until he got there abd suddenly he was charged with a 4,500usdlls when the contract was for over a million dlls he didnt have no money to pay that lil amount of money so he suddenly ask me for the money saying i was the only one ge could trust bit believe me i aint no dumb person i refuse to pay any cent he then a few days later said he got the money he is fine but since then stopped talking to me he was nevr rude with me or anything but then a few days later he saif he had another problem that he got his money but cause in Turkey they have so many problems at the bank that he wanted me to put his money in my bank account so when he finishes his work he coukd buy a house for us here but i refused to do that and he then stopped completely talking to me !After I agreed, I was asked to email his bank and th bank demanded 0 USD for the shipment. Then after they received my 0, I was asked again to send ,500 because the diplomat carrying the Master card was held at airport and need clearance for the documents allowing them to bring the card to me. when I was not able to send the money at the given date, I got a lot of threats from this fake US Navy named Capt. My friend has been talking to this guy he told her he is from Delaware but he does some type of contract work in Australia anyway he has ask her to open up a bank account to deposit in check in so he can come home back to Delaware but get this he want her to purchase the ticket I told her don't do it I feel it's a scam who would put they check in your account and they haven't even meet you and why he can't handle his own affairs he has also ask for a phone card for his son You're right, that could be a scam.Some scammers find a person, and after they form a “relationship,” they ask their new friend if they can use their bank account.

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He gave me the email address for the attorney so i can contact him about sending the money. They have me so scared that they are really here I call the cops several times a day, I keep getting told its a scam and the SOB's are in S. I have changed my # and 3 days later he was calling me again. You say someone is threatening you and your daughter over the phone and email.

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