Online dating questions for women uk internet dating online

Online dating questions for women

With that in mind, here are seven great questions to ask on a first date. " Very few people ask this question, but it's a great way to get to know someone—especially if you live in a larger city with lots of transplants.

You're giving her the opportunity to remember who she was before she got here—and what she liked best about that time in her life—and to share that story with you.

Like all good questions, this one might invite a surprising answer. If she happens to have a negative impression of where she grew up, there's a good chance no first date has given her the simple gift of talking about it—or the opportunity to remember the positive aspects of her childhood.

Either way, you'll discover a ton of interesting personal detail in the process.

Fantasizing about the world is a great bonding exercise, and an excellent way to get to know someone.

If she hasn’t traveled much, ask her where she most wants to go.

Look for the deeper information contained in her responses.

She's telling what she's most excited about, and that's excellent information for you to decide if this is someone you'd like to spend more time with.So, what makes for a great question, as opposed to a dull back-and-forth? More important than the specifics of the question is your intention in asking it.If you don't truly care about the answer, then any question will fall flat. Avoiding yes or no questions creates organic conversation, and allows you and your date to really get to know each other.The key to creating a solid first date experience is the art of banter, which begins with asking meaningful questions.Great questions, asked well, give you and your date plenty of material to work with—and endless conversations to explore.

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This question also gives you an opportunity to compare your own upbringing.

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