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He maintained the culprit must have entered the user-name 'Sally' - the name of Adderley's dog - to chat online about child abuse.

And he told the jury that the computer's clock must have been changed by the mystery offender to cover his tracks when downloading porn.

The court heard that the times and dates on the Fujitsu machine when it was used illegally would have meant Adderley was not at work.

His account was branded "incredible" by prosecutor Ian Mularkey who said it was "simply inconceivable" students were to blame.

The dystopian visions of ‘Broken Britain’, televised by programmes like Benefits Street, are used to ‘politically justify austerity policies’ (Dowling, et al., 2014 p.

The fate of groups is bound up with the words that designate them.

(Bourdieu, 1984) Aust[ralian] election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy. (Rupert Murdoch tweet 2013) is a six-episode reality television programme first screened on the 6th of January 2014 on Channel Four.

Chants of ‘unemployed, unemployed’ punctuate this sequence of visual shots.

The elderly male narrator then appears in the frame, speaking directly to camera in extreme close up, he finishes his sentence ‘this…used to be one of the best streets …. Henry Giroux argues that the contemporary life is characterised by a `biopolitics of disposability` in which `poor minorities of color and class, unable to contribute to the prevailing consumerist ethic, are vanishing into the sinkhole of poverty in desolate and abandoned enclaves of decaying cities [and] neighborhoods’ (Giroux, 2007, p. In the UK, politicians have diagnosed this condition as ‘Broken Britain’: an ‘ideological displacement’ which as Emma Dowling and Davie Harvie argue, enables ‘structural conditions of a deep social, political and economic crises’ to be imagined as problems of ‘individual behaviours’ (Dowling, et al., 2014 p. Through this ‘rhetorical device’ the actual deepening precarity of the working classes is narrativised as a ‘moral crises’ (Dowling, et al., 2014 p. The opening sequence of Benefits Street transports its audience into this powerful political imaginary.

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A MARRIED man accused of downloading child pornography and taking part in a vile on-line chat about abuse has been found guilty by a jury.

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