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Messianic Judaism believes that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and "God the Son" (one person of the Trinity), and that the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, and New Testament are all authoritative scriptures.

From 2003 to 2007, the movement grew from 150 Messianic houses of worship in the United States to as many as 438, with over 100 in Israel and more worldwide; congregations are often affiliated with larger Messianic organizations or alliances.

Through the continued generosity of JVMI, the MJSP at TKU has become a quality undergraduate and graduate Messianic Jewish Studies option for serious students. Juster is a strong advocate for the Messianic movement to have an appreciation for the heritage of the Christian church even as their primary cultural expression is Jewish.

The First Hebrew Christian Church was renamed Adat Hatikvah in 1975 under Juster’s leadership as “Dan caught a vision of expressing his faith in Yeshua in a more Jewish way and shifted to worship on Shabbat, keeping the Jewish holidays, and a positive attitude toward Torah.” After Manny Brotman resigned as the spiritual leader of Beth Messiah Congregation (greater Washington D. area) the congregation chose Juster to be their leader after hearing him speak at the Messiah ’77 conference. A kind and gentle individual, Juster was a teacher, a pastor and a mediator.

Now there seemed to be a greater desire and urgency among the young believers to maintain not only their individual Jewish identity Understanding Jesus within his historical Jewish context was of great importance as well as seeing Jesus within modern day Judaism especially in the observance of the Shabbat and the celebration of the festivals.

Mark John Levy pressed the Church of England to allow members to embrace Jewish customs.Notable converts from Judaism who attempted to convert other Jews are more visible in historical sources beginning around the 13th century, when Jewish convert Pablo Christiani attempted to convert other Jews.This activity, however, typically lacked any independent Jewish-Christian congregations, and was often imposed through force by organized Christian churches.Gaebelein, eventually repudiated his views and, as a result, was able to become a leader in the mainstream Christian evangelical movement.Leopold Cohn, a convert from Judaism, founded the Brownsville Mission to the Jews in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York as a Christian mission to Jews.

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He established the synagogue and, like Laurence Duff-Forbes, referred to himself as a ‘rabbi’ (literally translated ‘teacher’).” Manny, often called by many the “Father of the Modern-Day Messianic Jewish Movement,” was instrumental in the development of the foundational structure of the movement through materials, terminology, organizations and congregations.

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