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It's an off-warranty option for tinkerers and techies to unlock under-the-hood options on i OS devices.Now, you know your smartphone is already capable of amazing things.That phone in your pocket or purse has more computing power than the computers that put us on the moon! When you first get a new i Phone, it comes preloaded with apps and programs that are difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.Some people get frustrated with their phones, and others find a way around the restrictions.For example, a jailbroken app called Key Raider allowed data from more than a quarter million accounts to be uploaded to a database, including users' Apple passwords.

Just last year, a major security hole was found that could allow an attacker to take control of an i Phone with just a single text.With these keys to your online and financial life, a cybercrook has more than enough to steal your identity, wipe out your existing accounts and set up new ones to ring up thousands in debt that will show up on your credit report that lenders will expect you to pay back. Anyone who uses Apple gadgets probably already knows that Apple runs a pretty tight ecosystem.The scary reality is that a virus on your i Pad or i Phone can give the bad guys nearly unlimited access to your life. i OS only runs on Apple hardware and Apps are only available from the Apple App Store - unless your gadget is "jailbroken."What's "jailbreaking"?This is yet another reason we strongly encourage you not to jailbreak your i Phone or i Pad.Key Raider primarily affected i Phone users in China, but malware attacks can come anywhere at any time.

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