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Let us see here the original Medical science present in India during the Vedic era, the Mahabharata and the Puranas.Medical science is presented in the books of Ayurveda as a separate Shastra; however I find that the original medical science present in the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Puranas is far more superior to the Ayurveda.This fact definitely shows that Rubhus were working on cows. Therefore, they organized cows in great numbers, which were kept safe and protected in the cowsheds. Therefore a Chamasa full of Amruta means a cell full of life.RV.1-161-3 states that Rubhus were fully engrossed in the work of creating a cow etc. However, they promised to attend the Yajna after completing the work. For their great research they had to maintain a cow shed and protect their cows, just like a good son protects his mother. During their experiments many cows might have died, leaving behind their calves orphaned. To produce plenty of milk a cow must have her calf nearby. Any cell is a pot or a vessel, minute in form, but it contains life.The Vedas are composed in the Vedic era extending from 23960 years B. The Mahabharata is composed during 5560 BC and the Puranas still later.1,3, 7 We shall procede choronologically from the Vedas to the Puranas.In the Rigveda lot of medical advances are seen recorded if observed critically.

They must have examined human mothers and children also while doing that research. 1-111-1) While doing this type of research on cows and calves, Rubhus attained a great knowledge and were inspired to produce a living cow from a cow’s skin. The modern science has now proved it possible by producing a lamb Dolly from udder of a sheep. The modern science is not clear whether the lamb, produced in a womb of a sheep, was from the skin of the same sheep or the skin was from some other sheep. Chamasa cannot be an ordinary pot as supposed by other scholars, because any ordinary pot cannot be divided into four parts.

However, the younger brother said, “ We can make three.” He said so because he observed that out of the two cells, which the eldest brother saw, one cell had divided into two. The youngest brother observed more, thought more and exclaimed, “We can make four. Each of these four cells has a capacity to produce a fully developed animal.

This is proved by experiments by the modern science.

Giving youthfulness to an old animal is not yet done by the modern science up to 2005 A. The miracle of Rubhus was similar to that of Ashvinau, who rejuvenated old sage Chyavana.(Rigveda 1-116-10). We have to accept the superiority of Vedic sages in the physical sciences, and our scientists have to experiment on such Vedic concepts.

The first step in their work on cows was to produce a cow, which yielded copious milk. This fact shows that Rubhus were working on some living cows.

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Moreover, toy making needs no preliminary pains of working continuously on cows and calves for a prolonged period, neglecting Yajnas, as was done by Rubhus. That newly prepared cow was named as ‘Vishvaroopa’ and it was ‘Vishvajuvam’ (RV. The seed of the knowledge is preserved by the Vedic Seers, we have to work hard on that seed so as to get its fruits. But in that case no sensible person will ever say that Rubhus created a horse. In the Rigveda the verb used is ‘Atakshat’ This verb may suggest carpentry; but that horse was not created from wood or timber, it was created from another horse. This cell may be called as Chamasa, because it contains Amruta i.e. A living cell or an embryo is prepared by God, Twashta.

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