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Vista covers approximately 10,000 hectares and provides a large scale, surface mineable, thermal coal project. Palisades, operated by Altitudes Resources Ltd., covers 4,648 ha and is the most advanced coal project with work dating back to the 1960’s.

Field work, trenching and drilling was carried out in the 1960s by Rio Tinto and in the 1970s and 1980s by Denison mines.

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Gregg River, operated by Westmoreland and located in Alberta’s historic Coal Branch on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, approximately 43 kilometres south of Hinton. GCC operates both surface and underground mining operations, which provide coal to a central processing and rail load out facility. Highvale Mine, operated by Trans Alta and Sun Hills Mining Partnership and located south of Lake Wabamun, about 70 kilometres west of Edmonton.

Modern personal computers universally use switched-mode power supplies.

Some power supplies have a manual switch for selecting input voltage, while others automatically adapt to the mains electronic circuit (either a microprocessor or an internal component of one) that may function autonomously or under external control, performing arithmetic and logic operations on data, possibly containing local memory, and possibly connected to other processing elements via a network, network on a chip, or cache process of pre-loading instructions or data into a cache ahead of time, either under manual control via prefetch instructions or automatically by a prefetch unit which may use runtime heuristics to predict the future memory access pattern.

Converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer.

an accelerator aimed running artificial neural networks or other machine learning and machine vision algorithms (either training or deployment), e.g.

Movidius Myriad 2, True North, Tensor processing unit etc.

An expansion bus is a computer bus which moves information between the internal hardware of a computer system (including the CPU and RAM) and peripheral devices.

It is a collection of wires and protocols that allows for the expansion of a computer.(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) - a compact interface for transferring encrypted uncompressed digital audio and video data to a device such as a computer monitor, video projector or digital television.a cache in a CPU or GPU servicing instruction fetch requests for program code (or shaders for a GPU), possibly implementing modified Harvard architecture if program machine code is stored in the same address space and physical memory as data.a variation of Harvard architecture used for most CPUs with separate non-coherent instruction and data caches (assuming that code is immutable), but still mirroring the same main memory address space, and possibly sharing higher levels of the same cache hierarchya pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface; motion is usually mapped to a cursor in screen space; typically used to control a graphical user interface on a desktop computer or for CAD etc.

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