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After Edison’s death, Tesla offered some additional thoughts to the According to their fellow artist Giorgio Vasari, who wrote contemporary Renaissance biographies of the painters, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were far from friendly, though Vasari never explains why in his text.

However, there is one anonymous story that sheds some light on their contentious relationship.

As far as the failed bronze statue comment, both men were known for abandoning projects and moving on to the next so this was a bit of a pot and kettle situation.

There's no solid explanation for how these two talented men got on each other's bad side in the first place.

Edison insisted AC wasn't safe; Tesla felt that DC wasn't scalable enough to be used nationwide.

Edison considered Tesla’s ideas “splendid” but “utterly impractical.” Tesla considered Edison’s methods tedious because he relied heavily on experimentation.

It should come as no shock that the master of the macabre had a rival.This list contains some of the most popular historical figures who were enemies and the ridiculous ways they tried to humiliate one another.You would think these two geniuses would be the best of friends and collaborators. They tried working together, but the ego can be an ugly and irrational thing, even for the two greatest minds of the 20th century. Edison insisted direct current (DC) was they way to power the new Electrical Age, but Tesla felt alternating current (AC) should be the standard for all electronics.Many art historians chalk it up to jealously and competitiveness.Founding fathers Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr became legendary rivals while serving George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

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