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I used mine over three times yesterday, and that was right after delivery! As she moved along her hand snaked down her front almost of its own volition to her dampening pussy and she smiled, as her steps slowly took her across the living room, she checked herself out in the wall-to-wall mirrors adorning both walls.

Also, I can’t help but honestly say that I couldn’t get enough! ” her head cocked and a deep dimple appeared on her cheek as she grinned,” Yeah sure. She really couldn’t help but adore herself, even though she was a heavier girl, what was referred to as a plumper, she still had awesome curves.

He was an extremely hot man, with a muscled chest and chiseled abs, long dark hair, and vibrant sparkling green eyes, she smiled inwardly as her gaze traveled, “Not to mention his eight inch cock.” When she had seen him as the auctioneer at the auction house where she had bought her weathervane, then at Rizzo’s club, she instantly knew he was the one, and called her sponsor Jess right then and there.

She drew her hand free from her pussy and slowly sat upon the mattress, it had taken a good chunk of money along with a bit of planning to make fantasy into reality.

But a lot would refuse saying that she was homely, chunky, or a,” Butter Face“, the list went on and on.

She knew she was not what most men referred to as attractive, she was not a model by any means, and frankly, she didn’t give a shit anymore.

Sarah is a sick girl looking for a permanent fuck buddy, she decides on a sexslave instead.

It had caught her attention one day while browsing the internet rape porn sites, something she did frequently, she had been watching one of her favorite scenes on a favorite site of hers.It was of a German woman drugging a male then tying him down tightly for a night of uninterrupted rape and kinky sex, ”Fucking awesome!!!“ she was thinking, when from the corner of her eye she had seen the yellow flashing box which pictured a man and a woman tied to a bed with the words in bold italic beneath, “Why take no for an answer? It had caught her attention and she fantasized for a moment and then clicked it, she was surprised as a text box came up with instructions for creating a secure line, then instantly disappeared afterward.He only felt fear and disgust as she looked upon him grinning, then joyously declaring, “I really…,” it sickened him as she rolled her eyes,”…And I must say. Enjoyed myself last night slave…” he watched in disgust as she licked her lips and lay her hands upon his chest, they fell short on either side of the leather belt harness crossed so tightly across his upper torso.It ran from the top corners of the heavy oak bed down along his shoulders and down below the sides of his lower chest and ribcage, to the frame itself holding him quite firmly against the vinyl covered mattress. ” his cry was pained and guttural, muffled by the large red rubber ball gag in his mouth, and as he struggled helplessly beneath her touch, he was sickened as she pinched his nipples between her fingers and then laughed while leaning her piggish face forward,” You stupid, stupid, little boy.

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It was so fucking unbelievable.” She listened tentatively before answering…, “NO! She had a full-bubbled ass that many men had commented on before, and as her gaze moved upwards, she could only smile as her D cup tits bounced along with each step, only making her love herself even more.

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